What This Site is About


And when I say “this site”, I’m really saying “me”.

  1. Existentialism: How to create our own meaning and our own happiness, since it doesn’t exist intrinsically in our universe

  2. Happiness: How to become more fulfilled in life

  3. Productivity: How to be more effective in everything you do, leading to #2

  4. Beauty and Wonder: Finding and sharing interesting and beautiful things, such as art, writing, science, etc. that just makes me thrilled to be alive. I like sharing such things, spreading that feeling, and experiencing it with others

  5. Politics and Philosophy: A discussion of what we are doing today to build a civilization, what’s wrong with the current approach, the reasoning behind those errors, and what we should be doing instead

  6. Technology: I’m stupid for technology. I find it fascinating. But I see it as subordinate to the pursuit of #4

  7. Information Security: This is my profession, and it’s also something I’ve always been fascinated with. That works well in every way, except that it keeps me from #4

I’ll keep updating this, but I think it hits the main points.

Does this seem to capture this site? Does it capture me? Is the order correct? Am I missing anything?

Comments welcome.

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