The Worst Way to Waste Time


There are many things to regret as one nears death, but I understand people tend to regret most the things they didn’t do rather than those they did.

You may be thinking now of activities, such as jumping out of an airplane, applying to become an astronaut, or moving to Europe to be with an early lover. But I don’t think these are the most dangerous threats to a peaceful death.

The real peril isn’t in not doing certain activities before you die — it’s in not appreciating the activities you are doing. Whether we are sleeping, holding children, reading books, baking cookies, laughing with friends, touching a lover, taking a walk by yourself, or even performing some menial task so that the things above are possible — these things all must be appreciated.

When you look back on your life you must know that it was rich with experiences, and the only way for that to occur is if you enjoy each of your years, your months, your weeks, your days, your individual moments.

Be appreciative of your ability to experience life. The alternative is nothingness, and that’s precisely what awaits us when we are gone. Don’t wait for it to be upon you to realize this. ::

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