Take 1 Security Podcast: Episode 3

  • There was an issue with the Marriott website that exposed reservations and payment information. It’s now been fixed

  • Police are now using a new radar to see into peoples’ homes without a warrant

  • Security budgets are reportedly going up due to the mega-breaches in 2014

    • Also leading to higher pay for CIOs

    • Anecdotally, I’d say it’s a pretty good time to be in infosec

  • A new security startup, PFP Cybersecurity, uses power consumption to detect malware

    • Meant initially to be used for SCADA type systems

  • The US hacked North Korean computers back in 2010

    • This is reportedly the reasons we were so sure they hacked Sony

    • Recently leaked documents from Snowden show heavy offense

  • Snowden recently talked to Schneier at Harvard about a number of things

    • The NSA is becoming increasingly offensively oriented vs. defensive

    • The NSA supposedly uses compromised systems as jump points

    • Snowden said most NSA hackers are junior enlisted with limited skills

  • Russia reportedly hacking for geopolitical gain, not just money

  • Millions of gas stations could be at risk of shutdown

    • The Automated Tank Gauges can be remotely accessed by attackers

    • Could be manipulated to cause alerts

    • Potentially could be used to stop the flow of fuel

  • Microsoft gave Charlie Hebdo data to FBI in 45 minutes

  • Starwood hack based on bad passwords

    • Bad passwords, password re-use, and a brute forcing tool

    • Account harvesting is rough: user enumeration, weak passwords, and lack of account lockout

  • Flash has another major exploit. Update your stuff.

  • People continue to be worried that the President’s crackdown on hackers could hurt security professionals

    • Congress is meeting on the 27th of January to discuss breach notification

  • The wireless in around 2 million cars is highly vulnerable to attack

  • A polish company has created Mouse-Box, which is an entire computer inside of a mouse enclosure



  1. Sorry about the noise part way through. My girl walked in and started unpacking groceries. But when I say one take, I mean one take.

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