Social Media is Nothing But a Global Interface to You as a Person


The problem newcomers often make when thinking about social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) is thinking about it as some sort of additional thing–as if there’s a separation between you, and it. There isn’t.

Social media is nothing disparate or foreign. It’s an arbitrary name we’ve assigned to “using technology to provide an interface to ourselves”. Your blog, or your Facebook–these are your avatars. They represent you in a way that makes you more accessible to the world.

Forget the words “blog”, or “tweet”, or…”whatever”. These are transitory terms assigned to specific implementations of specific technologies. It’s the concept that matters, and the concept involves only one thing: you. The technology is there to provide an interface to you–to enhance what you already are.

So if you enjoy being you, if you enjoy experiencing life, and if you enjoy sharing those experiences with like-minded people–in any setting–then you should embrace these new mediums. They are nothing more (or less) than a technological means to extend our experiences beyond the confines of our small physical worlds. And that’s a beautiful thing.

Quite simply, social media lets you be you…more.

[ Dec 1, 2009 ]

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