My Thoughts on Depression


A new BBC piece is highlighting an alternate approach to depression. Rather than assume that it’s something that should immediately be countered with drugs, how about addressing the things that are making you depressed?

I first heard about this revolutionary idea from one of my favorite female bloggers. I can’t remember her name right now, actually, but she’s known for being abrasive with her honesty. Anyway, her approach was simple: maybe you’re depressed not because you “have depression”, but rather because your life is depressing. Try improving it.

And that seems to be what this latest commentary from Dr. Keedwell arrives at as well.

Take yourself out of the situation that causes you pain? Brilliant!

I’m definitely not an expert on this, and I have no doubt that there are some cases that are seriously chemical and that require medication. I just think that along with many other problems that have industries associated with their remedies, this one is like 95% crap.

I get depressed too, but I can always find a reason for it. It’s always me not taking enough control of my own life — not doing the things that I think I should be doing. This leads to feeling like a victim and the spiral begins. Fixing that, i.e. becoming more active and more productive always fixes it in a very short amount of time.

And that seems to be what the good doctor is saying. Depression is kind of like the pain response when you touch a hot pan. It’s a signal that you need to change something. In short, I think that just as poor diet and exercise cause obesity, poor lifestyles and life perspectives cause depression.

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