My Current Top 3 Intellectual & Creative Challenges

Just on a personal note, I want to capture three of my top projects right now:

  1. Learning and implementing machine learning. This includes getting a decent understanding of the math that goes into it, but not going too deep there. The primary focus is to be able to make real-world predictions for real-world problems.

  2. Making electronic music. Specifically this is learning the basics of Ableton, finding the style that I like, and smashing my face against the wall of true creation.

  3. Writing fiction. My friend Andrew and I have a couple of universes that we can play with, of our own creation, and we’re going to basically do exercises of creating 3-5 pages of content for a specific scene in that universe. Then review, critique, adjust, or start another area.

These are three wildly different endeavors.

The machine learning is what I’m most enthused about. Making music is something I’ve wanted to do for years. And writing fiction just seems impossible to me, i.e., way harder than the other two.

I. Will. Do. Them. All.

Doesn’t mean I’m going to write a fiction book, or have a famous track on iTunes, or go to work for Google doing machine learning.

But I’m going to push myself in all three of these areas until I have some significant measure of competence and confidence.

What are your three?

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