Life As A Game

When one looks at life as a game, I would propose that one should not complain about the rules but instead focus on winning. Just because the rules are unfair and foolish doesn’t mean one can gain anything by pointing it out.

Learn the rules and master them. Play the game and win.

To focus on the stupidity of the rules and use this as a reason to refuse to play is self-defeating. This approach entertains the notion that someday soon the entire world is going to realize all of its injustices and shortcomings and restructure itself based on “the way it should be”. We all know this not to be the case.

The world can be viewed as a game, and the game has rules. Refusal to play is a more guaranteed loss than making an attempt. I would argue that people should not to go through life clinging to the limited satisfaction gained by interacting with others who also hate the rules.

[ October 1996 ]

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