If You’re Blogging on Facebook, Stop It


I have a number of friends who actually post insightful ideas and comments on Facebook, and they do so semi-regularly. It’s an absolute waste of time and creative energy. If you’re actually writing anything you value, to any degree, and doing so consistently, you should be doing it on an actual blog–not on Facebook.

Here are a few reasons:

  1. Facebook is not easily visible. If you care about what you’re saying, why aren’t you saying it to more people?

  2. Facebook is ephemeral. Where are all your posts that you spent all that time on? All those comments? All those thoughts you had and took the time to capture? Gone, for the most part–or might as well be.

  3. It’s easy to set up a blog, and you don’t have to manage it. Use WordPress. Use Tumblr. They’re good platforms that allow you to export your content.

Quite simply: if it’s worth saying, it’s worth saying in a more visible and lasting medium. Stop wasting your time with a platform that basically claims ownership of everything you’ve created on it and reserves the right to discard it at will.

And don’t worry–you can connect your new blog to Facebook, so that your friends who don’t use anything else will still see your content.

Either way–make the choice: either stop dumping your time into Facebook where the content will ultimately be wasted, or fully commit to it and get on a real blogging platform.

I’m hoping you do the latter, and if you need any help let me know.

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