Examined But Absurd (A Poem)


How strange it is that we live this wayUnable to know what next we’ll say

We feel control that cannot beAnd sense a freedom we cannot see

Some drive to push and conquer allAnd those who don’t deserve to fall

But what’s deserve when no options existFor the poor are just those with luck that missed

Love is reduced when it’s compelledWhen choice is dashed congrats are felled

Though since my path is already setAt least it saves me from regret

Some can’t fathom why to striveTo struggle and fight when it seems unwise

Since either way the path will unfoldThus our noble actions cannot be bold

Yet I’ll still struggle to improve todayBut that’s just what a machine would say

I know it’s true, but it matters notFor a life in bed is all for naught

I see this folly and know it’s realYet the clarity doesn’t help with what I feel

Alas we must accept this life on railsBut still behave as if we sail

~ Daniel Miessler, June 2018

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