Better Superlatives


The thing I dislike most about Apple is their overuse of the word, “amazing”. It’s downright criminal.

It’d be a good drinking game during new conferences, for sure.

We think it’s amazing how amazed you’ll be when you see how amazing our amazing new products are.


Sadly, that’s not much of an exaggeration.

The good news is that it brought into hyperfocus my own overuse of certain words. My offenses include:

  • Nice

  • Great

  • Cool

  • Awesome

[ NOTE: If everything is awesome, then nothing is. ]

So here is a list of words I’m looking to use far less, along with a stable of potential replacements:


This is mostly used in the context of someone saying:

Hey, check out this piece I just wrote on using better superlatives…

So instead of replying, “Nice”, like usual, I can use one of these:

  • Strong

  • Legit

  • Neat

  • Choice

  • Terrific

  • Spectacular

  • Fantastic

  • Ridiculous

  • Fascinating

  • Incredible

  • Phenomenal

  • Marvelous

[ NOTE: You can also use those ironically, which is good to switch up as well. ]

Hommie: Hey, man, you’re site’s showing the ISIS banner as of 20 minutes ago. Me: Fantastic.

So yeah. Those are some of the words I’m hoping to start using instead of the overused synonyms. Any additions would be welcome.

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