A Highly Concise Summary of “Atlas Shrugged”


Here’s a clean little summary of Ayn Rand’s book, Atlas Shrugged, from this Wall Street Journal article:

Sound familiar yet?

The point of the piece is that we’re walking right into precisely what she predicted, and that it could get much worse with Obama.

I’ve worried for a long time that this was a problem; it’s why I was so behind Ron Paul. But I’ve come to believe that the danger on the other side (corruption and selfishness) is actually much worse, and that we need a correction of the general social breed.

Once we get that, to whatever degree, (or once it fails), it’ll be time to correct once again. It seems all we can do as an immature society is bounce back and forth between extremes, as people are most happy when they are pursuing something that they think will make them happier. ::

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