A Bigger Boat


Well, I have published another article after over a year without doing so, and this time it has met with some fairly substantial success. The article was about the problems that many experience with Internet Explorer, and my recommendation to download and try Firefox.

It’s been carried on dozens of sites and translated into like 6 languages so far, and I have received a couple hundred emails responding to it. It’s been very positive. One thing that has come out of it that’s rather bitter-sweet is the realization that I’d like to have my own site that I can link to (when expecting a lot of traffic) rather than having to post articles on other people’s sites. I can’t do that in my current situation. Another issue is the fact that my hand-made, manual blogging solution isn’t going to cut it if I start writing more. I am likely going to have to go to MT. 🙁 The issue is that of the power-geek vs. practicality. I can either do it all manually and take pride in that, or I can actually spend time producing something; doing both isn’t terribly realistic.

The best way for me to put this is that I don’t want to spend time building tools. Tools are meant to be used – not built. My problem is that it’s a whole lot more gratifying to build things made with tools that you made yourself. 🙂 I guess I’ll just deal with the self-hate and drive on. Having a fully-functional site with all my content on it (even if a lot of it’s automated via MT) is far superior to getting my stuff up in a slow trickle due to wanting to do it manually. If I can just convince myself of this fact I should be ok.

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