It seems my writing has gone from something of an experiment/curiosity to something different. I am not sure what that new thing is quite yet, but I do know it’s a step in the right direction. Since writing the IE Piece I have written another article that was actually a lot more fun.

This one was about how many of us in the tech industry tend to focus too much on the wrong things when it comes to technology. It was more enjoyable for me because it allowed me to take a stab at doing what I think writing is ultimately useful for – changing minds.

I got to actually try and convince people of something that matters in something of a philisophical sense – as opposed to getting someone to switch to another web browser. The few responses I’ve received regarding this piece have been just as philosophical. I actually have one such response that I intend to keep as a sign of my success with writing – however small it is. It basically entails a guy writing me saying he was the way I described in the article, and that he intended to change his ways because of what I wrote hitting home. It was very fulfilling.

Anyway, I am happy with the writing thing, and I am working now on quietly building up a name with these columns. It’s also rather interesting to see how these stories get propagated across the Internet. The editor at the site where I post my articles takes whatever is written there and basically evangelizes it to various other sites that may find it interesting based on its content.

My first article (the IE one) was pushed by Chris Pirillo, and he obviously did a stellar job of it. To this day I am receiving around 10 emails a day from various parts of the world as a result of that one. Unfortunately, however, it seems that the majority of the topics I write about don’t appeal to his readers, and this is why I have had to find a different initial launching point for my various articles.

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