Would You Put AI Art In Your House?

I’ve been thinking for a couple of weeks about making and hanging some AI art in my house.

But I immediately faced some internal resistance. Like, I wasn’t (and still am not) sure whether this is the right way to “do” art.

And that got me thinking what that really means. What does it mean to do art properly—in terms of art to hang on your wall? I was talking to my friend Joseph Thacker about this (who has a solid AI art game himself by the way), and he seems to agree with my intuitions that this is absolutely ok to do.

But I still wanted to break it down. So here’s why I value and enjoy art:

  • It makes me feel some kind of way when I take it in

  • It’s a type of communication that can’t be said any other way

  • It reveals something interesting about the humanity of the artist

I feel like combining the last two of these you get the best art. But of course the piece could hit the receiver different than it felt for the artist.

Anyway, #1 still matters to me. I don’t think it’s trashy to “just like” something. Or said another way, I don’t care if it is. Art ultimately should be enjoyed, and if that’s a way to enjoy it, then so be it. I refuse to castigate myself in the voice of someone else.

So yeah, I’m thinking about creating some major art themes and spending a lot of time working on these pieces. Which in this world means a lot of time working on prompts with a few different engines.

I am going to do this, make a few pieces, and get them printed on metal prints from fineartamerica.

What about you? Does your brain instantly rebel against this idea? And if so, do you think there’s a justifiable reason? Or are you letting society tell you what to like? If you have a real reason this isn’t real art I’m willing to be that kind of enthusiast. But it’d have to be a real reason, not one based on gatekeeping or peer pressure.

Let me know what you think.