Wokeism Will Elect Trump in 2024

woke trump

The backlash against Wokeism will elect Trump in 2024.

I’ve been saying this since March of 2020, and I want to say it here explicitly: Wokeism will elect Trump in 2024. The extreme left is continuing to make the same mistake they made before 2016, which resulted in the first Trump presidency.

That mistake is the complete lack of empathy for those who think differently than them—namely, people who do not endorse the Woke agenda. Are a lot of those people racist? Are a lot of them sexist? Yes. But millions of them aren’t, and the fact that Wokeism treats them all the same, and as if they’re somehow worth less than smart people with good jobs who live on the coasts, will directly cause another Trump win in 2024.

Trump getting another term could literally dismantle our country. This is someone who is denying the results of a fair election, where the results were analyzed by dozens of groups, dozens of courts—including those run by Republicans—and no evidence was found of fraud that could have affected the outcome. Yet he still insists—like a Central American dictator—that the election was stolen.

Because of his willingness to place his own brand and interests above Democracy itself, he is a direct threat to the United States, and he will ironically be brought to power—again—by the same exact people who brought him in the first time.

Middle America and The South, i.e., the people who vote for Trump, need a non-Trump option that doesn’t make them feel like the backwash of our country. They don’t have one. They have Woke on one side, and a literal Authoritarian on the other. Of course they’ll choose authoritarianism. Authoritarianism in the name of Democracy. Isn’t that always the way Authoritarianism goes? The people attacking the capital were doing it out of patriotism. That’s a hell of a sentence. Attacking Democracy for patriotism.

Anyway, until we see a moderate, centrist option for the other 50% of our country, we’re going to see Trump and people like him having massive success in elections. And even worse, the adverse reaction to Wokeism will bring a lot of the center and left to vote for those candidates too—just to send the message that they don’t like the extreme left.

Let’s call it 40-60%.

TL;DR: The extreme right and left are the problem, and the reason we’re in so much shit right now is that there are no center candidates that respect the 50% who are moderates in this country.

When the moderates have nowhere to go, they pick a side, and Wokeism is pushing far more people to the right side than the left. Quietly. Silent anti-Woke people. These are the people who will elect Trump in 2024. We had all the data to figure this out in 2016, yet here we are about to make the same mistake in 2024. We don’t deserve nice things, and we’re perilously close to losing the nice things we have.