The Wisdom Genome


December 14th, 2014

I have many projects that I work on captured here on the site. Between the /projects page and the /ideas page, they’re pretty much all here.

But there’s one that I’ve yet to capture, and it’s the most ambitious of all of them. It’s called The Wisdom Genome.

The idea is simple enough: I want to capture nuggets of wisdom from all sources. Concepts. Theories. Lessons. Etc.

These can come from ancient books of wisdom, philosophy, plays, books, or sitcoms. Doesn’t matter. The important thing is to capture them with appropriate granularity and map them to each other.

It’ll be highly tied into my book parsing project where I read books and extract key points and concepts from them. All such extractions will be input sources for the Wisdom Genome.

So ideally I’d be able to take something like a Faustian gamble, and show its origin, the various places it showed up in literature, practical ways to identify it in real life, etc.

And I want to do it for everything. Everywhere.

So like I said, it’s ambitious. But it could obviously start small, and even having some concepts captured should be useful.

Anyone interested in helping would be greeted happily.