What’s Your Favorite Pen?


I like pens. I’m a Moleskine fan (yeah, one of those guys), and I like having writing utensils that match the class of that surface. I’ve been doing some research regarding what I should replace my current pen with, and here’s what I have so far.

Current Pen

So, I currently write with a modified Pilot G2 with a fine point Monte Blanc refill. It’s a solid writing implement, but it wears out quickly. Besides, the main thing you get with Monte Blanc is the pen itself, not so much the ink (or so it would seem).

Potential Replacements

So the question is what to replace it with.

Option 1: Fisher Space Pen, Fine Point


I carry a Fisher Space Pen as my main pen to accompany my Hipster PDA. But I use the medium point, as I’ve never replaced a cartridge. So I’m going to try out a fine point with the pen you see pictured above.

Option 2: Pilot Precise V5


These get extremely high reviews, and I’ve used them many times over the years. I may end up going back to them for Moleskine use if I can’t find anything better. I use the extra fine version.

Option 3: Signo 207 Premier


This gets stellar reviews, but I’ve not used it. I’m thinking about picking one up soon.

Option 4: Mechanical Pencil

The other option is for me to investigate using pencil instead of pen with my Moleskines. Intriguing proposition…


So what do you guys think? Are any of you pen freaks? Have a favorite? Have a preference for pencil instead of pen when taking notes? I’d love to hear any input.

[ Jul 17, 2009 ]

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