Was the Last Time Your Last?


I used to be into BMX bikes. I was obsessed. Every little thing about it was interesting. The brakes, the handlebars, the different types of mags–all of it. One day–I don’t remember when–I got off my last BMX bike. I wish I would have realized it when it happened.

Later in life I got into skateboarding. My favorite board was a John Lucero. Again, I was into it. Independent trucks, bulletball wheels, rails, skid plates and copers. I could rail slide like the board was part of me, and I could ollie a solid two feet. At some point–I don’t remember when–I ollied up my last curb. I wish I could have realized it when it happened.

Do you remember the last time you climbed a tree? Do you remember how much you used to love it? I do. If you’re like me you never planned on the last time you did it being your last time doing it. In fact, you never planned on there being a last time.

And it’s the same for a million things that are precious in life that we may never do again. Playing a role-playing game with your friends, burning a leaf with a magnifying glass, or eating a meal with your grandfather. It’s possible to dwell on this to the point of it becoming morbid, but we don’t have to.

Instead, just remember a simple, very old concept: appreciate everything you do—no matter how normal it seems—as you are doing it. Living in the moment isn’t some distant Zen concept; it’s no less than how to fully appreciate life. ::

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