Verisign VIP for Two-Factor Authentication, and PIP for OpenID

I’ve been using Verisign VIP for a while now with a hard token like the one seen below. It allows you to add two-factor authentication to sites like Ebay and PayPal.


But at RSA 2009, which I just returned from, I found out Verisign has released a soft token as well, and it works for all the main mobile platforms–including iPhone. The app is free from the app store, and here’s how it looks:


So you’re probably asking what all this works with. Well, here’s a list of supported websites:


These sites directly support Verisign VIP, which is really just an OATH-based multi-factor authentication system.

This is cool, but the real reach of this system is that you can use your VIP credential as a second factor to, which is Verisign’s OpenID implementation.

And that’s why I use Verisign for my OpenID system: it’s not only a solid OpenID implementation, but it also allows me to use a token for two-factor authentication. And now that they have a soft-token for the iPhone, it’s even better.

I suggest you check it out. ::


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