Unmasking Money and Power with AI


The power dynamics that shape our society have become increasingly complex and opaque. The influence of money, status, and networking on politics and decision-making is often hidden from public view, leaving us with a distorted understanding of the forces at play.

But with the advent of AI-powered software, we are on the cusp of a transparency revolution that will shed light on these connections and empower citizens to hold their leaders accountable.

AI-powered software, such as GPT and SPQA, is transforming the way we access and process information.

The key to this revolution lies in the ability of AI to process vast amounts of data and make it available for natural language questions. This is achieved through the use of context and questions, which allows AI to build a comprehensive understanding of a given subject and provide clear, concise answers to complex queries.

One particularly intriguing application of this technology is what we might call “Follow the Money.” This approach seeks to uncover the hidden connections between political actors, lobbyists, and donors, revealing the true extent of their influence on policy and decision-making.

AI has the potential to become the ultimate transparency tool.

Consider a hypothetical scenario: a congressman in Alabama is suspected of being influenced by the coal industry. Some claim he is in their pocket, while others vehemently deny it. The truth remains elusive, with arguments on both sides. But with AI-powered software, we can begin to build a clearer picture.

By gathering publicly available data on proposed legislation, political donations, and voting records, we can create a context for our AI to analyze. With this information, the AI can generate a list of prominent political issues, proposed legislation, donor positions, and the voting patterns of politicians.

Suddenly, we have a map of money’s influence on politics. We can see how much each congressperson has received from various donors and how their votes align with the interests of those donors.

The power of AI lies in its ability to process and analyze vast amounts of data, revealing previously hidden connections.

But the true strength of this AI-powered transparency tool lies in its ability to show its work. Every connection it makes can be backed up with a list of documents and evidence, ensuring that its conclusions are based on facts, not opinions. And with a chat interface, users can interrogate the system, ask questions, and explore the data in depth.

This level of transparency extends beyond politics, with the potential to address conspiracy theories and other hidden connections within society. By providing access to the relevant data and allowing users to ask questions of that knowledge, AI can help us see the true extent of influence and power dynamics at play.

In summary:

  • AI-powered software has the potential to revolutionize transparency in politics and society.

  • By processing vast amounts of data, AI can reveal hidden connections and influences.

  • The “Follow the Money” approach can help uncover the true extent of lobbying and donor influence on political decision-making.

  • AI’s ability to show its work and provide evidence for its conclusions ensures that its findings are based on facts, not opinions.

  • This transparency revolution has the potential to empower citizens and hold leaders accountable for their actions.


  1. SPQA: State, Policy, Questions, and Action: — a new approach to software that combines AI with data analysis MORE