Unsupervised Learning: No. 76

This week’s topics: Verizon’s DBIR report, Chipotle (again), USAF bounty, NSA surveillance hampered, Android hacks, Taser and computer vision, Google fights fake news, Exercise types & mental skills, Perfect pitch recording, Lifecasting, RF X-Ray, discovered links, and more…

This is Episode No. 75 of Unsupervised Learning—a weekly show where I curate 3-5 hours of reading in infosec, technology, and humans into a 15 to 30 minute summary.

The goal is to catch you up on current events, tell you about the best content from the week, and hopefully give you something to think about as well.

The show is released as a Podcast on iTunes, Overcast, Android, or RSS—and as a Newsletter which you can view and subscribe to.

The podcast and newsletter usually go out on Sundays, so you can catch up on everything early Monday morning.

I hope you enjoy it.


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