Unsupervised Learning No. 229

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MEMBER EDITION | EP. 229 | May 18, 2020

THIS WEEK’S TOPICS: Feds Release Top Vulns, China Brainwave Tracking, Europe CISSP Masters, Army Electronic Warfare, Microsoft Third-largest Patch Tuesday, Technology News, Human News, Ideas Trends & Analysis, Discovery, Recommendations, and the Weekly Aphorism…


The FBI, DHS, and CISA has released a list of the top 10 most exploited vulnerabilities. Top targets include Office, Struts, SharePoint, Flash, .NET, and Drupal. More The List

China is wiring up kids with brainwave-sensing headsets, with the data being piped directly into AI algorithms that are meant to optimize learning. It's like China has a giant list of bad ideas and they're checking them off one by one. Watch the video. It's fairly terrifying. More

Europe will be giving the CISSP equivalent clout to a Master's degree within its industry certification framework, and this has absolutely blown up on Twitter, and for good reason. I enrolled in a CISSP class on a Monday, did not pay much attention in class, and read the chapter summaries. I took the test that Saturday and passed it easily. How anyone could consider that equal to 6 years of school is astounding to me. It's true that university isn't always great for security knowledge, but this is taking that point way too far. More

The US Army is having Lockheed Martin develop a new electronic warfare system that can be mounted on various types of vehicle. More

There will be many disinformation campaigns around the Coronavirus vaccine, if and when one becomes available. More

The US is warning about 3 new pieces of malware being used by North Korean hackers. More


  • Britain's Ministry of Defence contractor, Interserve, was hacked, resulting in the loss of data on around 100,000 past and current employees. More

  • The US Marshals Service was breached and 387,000 prisoners lost their data. More


  • Microsoft released its third-largest patch Tuesday with 111 vulns fixed. More

  • Adobe fixed 16 critical flaws. More


Jason Calcanis says real estate prices are going to collapse in SF because managers are now learning that they actually do remote work. Which means they can now get even better talent than before, and for less money. Many are predicting a big exodus out of the Bay Area because of this. More

Facebook is buying Giphy so they can control not just the gifs on their site, but everywhere on the internet. More

Snowcrash is being turned into an HBO series. Just in time for it to be a reality show. More

Twitter is going to allow employees to work from home permanently. More

Zoom is now worth more than the world's 7 largest airlines. More

Epic Games released a preview of their new Unreal Engine 5, and it's pretty spectacular. I think I'll be buying my first game console in many years when the Playstation 5 comes out. More


40% of Americans who make less than $40,000/year lost their jobs due to the pandemic up to early April (which means there will be many more). That's compared to 13% for people with incomes over $100,000/year. More

UC Berkeley held a virtual graduation in a Minecraft representation of their campus. More

London is joining a number of big cities in making large parts inaccessible by cars. More


It's Time to Get Back Into RSS More

10 Behaviors That Will Reduce Your Risk Online More

A 3-Tiered Approach to Securing Your Home Network More

Podcasts are the new Wikipedia. More

Not Even Wrong: Ways to Predict Tech More

Because call centers are dangerous for COVID-19, we're seeing more companies move to AI chatbots. This is just an accelerant to something that was happening anyway, and it's virtually impossible to roll back. More

What's going to happen to college towns when so many universities shut down? More

93% of Chinese minors are now online. More


I think I'm going to start reading Anna Karenina soon. Tolstoy's understanding of psychology and dialogue is otherworldly.

My creativity has been extremely high lately, and I wonder if it's because I've been meditating more lately. I've written three decent pieces in like the last week.

I wrote a brief analysis of the show DEVS. It has spoilers, so finish the show before you read it. More

I have a new format for individual podcast episodes, which you can see here for Episode 228. Let me know what you think of it. More

I also made some subtle updates to the look of the newsletter. Nothing major though.

I'm toying with an idea of anti-fragile stocks. Or at least as anti-fragile as possible, since all stocks are fragile. Will write something about it soon.


Canary Tokens — Tripwires you can place throughout your network to detect malicious actors when they go snooping. More Product Discovery Philosophy

A list of books that leave you different than before you read them. More

How to create the best at-home video conferencing setup—at multiple different price points. More

Cloud WAF Comparisons Using Real-world Attacks More

Bookcase Credibility — What you say isn't as important as the bookcase behind you. More

Game of Life in one Ruby statement. More

Google released its fuzzing dictionaries! I'll be adding these to SecLists soon as well. More

This is a website dedicated to Sankey diagrams. More

How I switched from classic hosting to Kubernetes. More

1,000 hand-crafted Go examples. More


When is the last time you backed up your family's most important stuff? Is it both local and in the cloud? Important documents? Family images? Make sure you're covered using whatever solutions you have available.


“War is like love—it always finds a way.”

~ Bertolt Brecht