Unsupervised Learning: No. 171


Unsupervised Learning is my weekly show that provides collection, summarization, and analysis in the realms of Security, Technology, and Humans.

It’s Content Curation as a Service…

I spend between five and twenty hours a week consuming articles, books, and podcasts—so you don’t have to—and each episode is either a curated summary of what I’ve found in the past week, or a standalone essay that hopefully gives you something to think about.

 Security NewsMastercard is looking to create a Digital ID service that can bind your digital presence to your mobile device, which will be able to verify you to various services. LinkPalantir has won an $800 million contract to build the next combat intelligence system (to replace DCGS-A) for the Army. LinkPutin appears to be causing brain drain in Russia. LinkDropbox has an interesting proposal for improving vendor security assessments. TL;DR: They turned their requirements into contractual points. LOVE IT. LinkThe US Military is working on software to detect “micro changes” in people with top security clearances, and many think it’s the future of employee monitoring as well. LinkAirbnb says it’s going after hosts that record their guests, but what about guests who drop cameras in host properties? Seems like people with nice places would be more lucrative for blackmail and such. I wonder if this is part of threat model. LinkVerizon has opened access to the free version of its spam and robocall blocking tool based on STIR/SHAKEN. I can’t wait for the other carriers to get this. LinkThe Air Force is working on unmanned AI combat drones, in a project called Skyborg. LinkThe BSidesSF 2019 Videos Playlist LinkAdvisories: Cisco IOS XE , Cisco WebEx Browser ExtensionBreaches: Toyota⚙️ Technology NewsAmazon has released S3 Glacier Deep Archive, which is rare-access data storage for just $1/TB/month. LinkDaimler is investing heavily in a self-driving tech company focused on Level 4 Self-driving Trucks. LinkRSS and The Matrix were born 20 years ago, in the same month. Link?  Human NewsHow happy people are with their job is 90% about their boss. LinkTinder has rolled out a Height Verification Feature for men, which has made a lot of people angry. Link3 times as many 18 to 29-year-old men are not having sex as 10 years ago. LinkThis is what a hydrogen atom looks like. LinkScientists have figured out the unique smells of Parkinsons Disease that the woman was able to detect just by smelling patients, and now they’re working on detection devices. Link Ideas, Trends, & AnalysisDefining the Values of the Intellectual Dark Web LinkRSS is better than Twitter Link DiscoveryDefault File Name is a website that plays undiscoverable YouTube videos that were uploaded with the default file name. LinkThe Moment the Matrix Changed Everything. This was in fact the coolest movie experience I’ve ever had as well. The entire theater lost their minds when she jumped up in bullet time. LinkRemove the background of any image for free online. Works really well! LinkSigintOS — All in one live Linux distro for signals intelligence. LinkCommandoVM — An offensive security distribution based on Windows instead of Linux. Link NotesI’m enjoying my latest-model iPad Pro more than I’ve ever enjoyed an iPad. Loving it for news, magazines, and Kindle reading in bed, as well as sketching. Crazy Question: If someone were to create a service that curated the opinions of hundreds of (validated) security professionals, for things like security product reviews, would your company pay $5,000 for that service. Imagine like a crowdsourced Gartner for some subset of the MomentumCyber product/company/service list. But way cheaper. Would that be worth it? Give Feedback?️ RecommendationsIf you’re into financial stuff, do some reading on a service called M1. A friend of mine says it’s amazing, so I’m looking into it. I love how services like this are unifying and simplifying; I think that’s the right direction. LinkGet your RSS game back up and running. I use Feedly. LinkAphorism“Positive anything is better than negative nothing”.~ Elbert Hubbard

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