Unsupervised Learning: Episode 39

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InfoSec news and articles

  • BAE systems saying that SWIFT hack is linked to the Sony breach [ Link ]

  • Kaspersky is saying ransomware is the #1 threat now [ Link ]

  • Identity thieves grab W-2 data from Equinox [ Link ]

  • Germany claims it was Russia that hacked their parliament [ Link ]

  • Yahoo resetting a bunch of Tumblr accounts after credentials were found in the wild [ Link ]

  • Mandia replaces DeWalt as CEO of FireEye [ Link ]

  • Android being hit by malware-based lock screen attacks [ Link ]

  • Security companies lose access to VirusTotal [ Link ]

  • Millions of web servers vulnerable to ImageMagick attack [ Link ]

  • New skimmers go deeper in machine to avoid detection [ Link ]

  • The Panama Papers source (Doe) reveals that they did it to reveal corruption [ Link ]

  • Vulnerabilities found in Samsung’s Smart Home technology [ Link ]

  • 10-year-old gets 10K bug bounty from Instagram [ Link ]

  • PwnedList says their shutting down has nothing to do with being breached [ Link ]

  • Vulnerable bloatware puts Lenovo users at risk | gives full access through [ Link ]

  • 7-Zip vulnerabilities discovered [ Link ]

  • Twitter blocks US government from using it’s analytics service [ Link ]

  • Security Analytics Platforms [ My Analysis ]

  • IBM’s Watson is being trained to look for hidden patterns and cyber threats [ Link ]

  • Vulnerability discovered in Squid [ Link ]

  • Mr. Robot site hacked [ Link ]

Technology news and articles

  • Autonomous robot surgeon bests human [ Link ]

  • It matters what you study, not where [ Link ]

  • IBM launches cloud quantum computing platform [ Link ]

  • Beam wins Disrupt, WaterO gets runner-up

  • Viv launches next-gen AI [ Link ]

Apple news

  • Apple redesigning Apple Music in iOS 10 [ Link ]

  • iPhone 7 supposed to have 3GB of memory and a dual-lens camera

Miscellaneous news and articles

  • The brain limits you to just five BFFs [ Link ]

Exploring ideas

  • Craig Wright and Satoshi

InfoSec tools

  • MOBSF is all-in-one open source mobile application (Android/iOS) automated pen-testing framework capable of performing static and dynamic analysis [ Link ]

  • WordPress Exploitation Framework [ Link ]

  • Facebook’s CTF Platform [ Link ]

InfoSec projects

  • OWTF — Offensive Web Testing Framework [ Link ]

  • Security and Pentesting Resources [ Link ]

InfoSec papers

InfoSec reports

InfoSec talks

  • Giant bags of mostly water, Konstantin Ryabitsev

InfoSec initiatives


  • Presenting at BlackHat Arsenal in Vegas this year

  • I’ll be at Forrester’s IoT Conference in Orlando next week

  • Speaking at SOURCE Boston on the KARMA risk rating methodology

  • I’ll be at DerbyCon

  • New Radiohead album

Summary and recommendations

  • Ransomware is nasty. If you’re listening to this, it’s your responsibility to reach out to your friends and family who have anything to protect, and to make sure they’re patched, and have good backups, and know not to click on suspect stuff. Get them on Windows 10 or OS X as soon as possible

  • Rotate your passwords; there are tons of credentials out there, and if you’ve been online for long or have a strong internet presence, the internet knows about passwords you’ve used in the past. Change them


  • Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible. ~ Francis of Assisi

  • The face of a child can say it all, especially the mouth part of the face. ~ Jack Handey


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