Trump Proposed a Lump Tax on the Rich to Pay Off the National Debt


Today I learned (from Scott Adams’ blog) that Donald Trump, during his last presidential run, proposed that we pay the national debt off all at once–with a massive tax on the rich.

I don’t know the details, and they don’t really matter, but it was something like, “take 15% of the assets of those with the most money. Problem solved instantly.”

I really like this idea, except for one thing. It won’t fix anything.

Governments will continue to be stupid. We’ll continue to grow our population of people who are clueless while reducing our population capable of creating such wealth, and no changes will be made to keep this from happening again.

If a program like this could be combined with sweeping changes, I’d be all about it. I’d even participate in the gutting–even though I wouldn’t be anywhere near qualifying.

We could do it all based on incentives. I’d get a cool sticker to display for taking the gutting, and it’d give me cool benefits like the ability to park and use toll roads for free.

Anyway, I think it’s an interesting idea. But the notion of taking from people in such a way without a plan for and promise of how things will improve seems like pure crime.

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