Time Management for the Passion-Driven


I have a problem. I am having serious trouble when faced with large, never-ending paperwork-based projects that require little to no thought.

This should not be a problem. Example: Take this form, call this person, file that form, send an email. Receive an email, print the email, file the printout, make a call. File that form in that shared directory, update the spreadsheet…etc. This work should not be difficult for me but it’s killing me.

Kill like death.

I can fly through other projects that are infinitely more difficult: conceptualizing an approach to a problem, optimizing problem-solving processes, creatively building support for infosec, managing vendor engagements, assessing the risk of a project or initiative. And of course the technical stuff. And I don’t have problems with writing or presentations either–in fact I love that stuff.

But ask me to manage a set of folders with constant, multiple inputs and outputs (especially if they involve starts and stops with roadblocks) and I completely shut down. I stress out to the point of seeking distraction–any distraction–in order to maintain sanity.

Then bad things happen to the project in question.

So how do I deal with this? How do you deal with it? I see two obvious options:

  1. Learn to get past my issues with this type of work, or

  2. Accept this as a weakness and focus on things I do well

The problem with #1 is I don’t know how to do this yet. The problem with #2 is that it’s hard to find managers who understand and/or accept that I could be so good at other things and yet bad at something “simple”. Also, I don’t really want to run from a weakness; I’d rather eliminate it if it’s at all an option.

I need to solve this. Any input would be highly appreciated. ::

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