Thoughts on Podcast vs. Newsletter Content

I’m thinking of stopping my regular podcast and only doing my weekly update in Newsletter form. There are a number of reasons.

  1. Far more people consume the newsletter.

  2. The podcast is actually just the newsletter content (sometimes with some opinion added).

  3. The newsletter is hard enough to get out, let alone having enough energy on Sunday to record with some enthusiasm.

  4. There has been an explosion of podcasts, and it’s hard for people to listen to more than two or three.

  5. I really don’t like missing podcast weeks, which inevitably happens sometimes.

  6. I’d much rather be consistent with the newsletter than inconsistent with both.

  7. I can still do the podcast, but I’ll reserve it for my Idea Series of Unsupervised Learning, where I perform my essays, explore ideas, and have conversations with interesting people.

In short, I’m thinking of keeping the weekly update content in the newsletter, and putting my analysis and ideas in the podcast, my Unsupervised Learning Idea Series that already exists there.

It’s the same podcast feed as the regular one, but they’re special episodes, e.g.:

These are true opinion pieces that actually highlight what people seem to like most about most podcasts—the unique voice and perspective.

I actually plan on doing the regular podcast again as well once the voice copying AI is good enough that I can just have my own (fake) voice read my newsletter as the podcast episode. That’ll be insane.

So I guess my question is what you think about that?

I asked on Twitter and most people consume the newsletter because they can do it at work, it doesn’t require direct attention, you can open links for later, etc., but a few people like the podcast as well.

I wish I could do both, but I just can’t right now—at least until my AI helper can assist.

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