There’s a Worm in my Apple


Apple, please pay close attention. Things are going well for you. You have momentum.Vista is flopping, the Halo effect is at full brilliance, and the iPhone launch went pretty well. When you combine that with the strength of the iMacs, OS X’s general allure and your excellent marketing, you’re doing well.

As someone who wants to see you succeed, I implore you, don’t fuck it up. The whole arrogance/confidence thing is cool, really. We all get that. But when you do it there’s a fine line between you coming off as knowingly superior and coming off as a dick. You’re straying into the latter territory over the last few months. Let’s review:

  1. Telling iPhone developers to screw themselves. You didn’t say, “I want to help you, and I will…just hold on.” No, you said, “Here’s a turd. Pretend it’s a chocolate bar.”

  2. Not allowing third-party apps on the iPhone. Yeah, we know about the stability and quality control issues. We respect that, but at least talk to us. Quit it with the silent, “Fuck off, you’ll take what we give you and you’ll like it.” approach. Even your Shiite Apple followers grow weary.

  3. The iPhone 1.1.1 update. First it didn’t have anything in it to warrant a 1.1 release. Second it raped a whole lot of people’s phones. And now my phone’s acting funky as well (spontaneous reboots, random self-chosen selections, etc.) It’s bad news, guys. 

Bottom line? There’s a storm coming. An army of religious followers is great until they get angry. Don’t let that happen. Come out and address these things. Talk to us. Don’t let this stuff just sit and stew. 

We’re waiting.:

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