The Unsupervised Learning Gift List

I often find myself in the unpleasant position of wishing I could send people a gift, but not knowing what to get them. What I like to get people are smallish things that produce absolute delight, like the perfect knife, whiskey glass, or end-table book.

So what I’m going to do here is capture my list of items to pick from when the occasion arises.

1. Yoshiharu Hamono Penato Knife

This is an extremely elegant knife that you can keep near the door, for opening envelopes and Amazon boxes.

2. The Tungsten Spinning Top

This Tungsten Top is like a fidget spinner, but more timeless.

3. Fredrick and Mae Playing Cards

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This is a unique and beautiful set of playing cards.

4. RAUK Heavy Tumbler

This is a legit whiskey glass with some weight to it.

5. 8.25″ Kyocera Ceramic Damascus Sashimi Knife with Black Blade and Pikka Handle

This is an extraordinary but non-traditional Sashimi knife with a ceramic blade and a black appearance.

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