The Universal Arc

I’m creating an EDM album. Well, designing one. I’m creating the concept, the theme, the title, the song titles, the feel of each song, the type of music I want for each, the type of lyrics, etc.

But I’m likely going to get someone else to create the music because it’s not something I have time to learn right now.

So here’s the concept.


The album is called Universal Arc, and it’s about the journey of life within this universe. Not just human life, but including human life. Any civilization, on any planet, in any galaxy, throughout the universe. The “arc” refers to the story arc, which typically goes from primordial soup, to surviving as animals, to breaking away from the animals, to becoming intellectual, to avoiding self-destruction, to escaping the solar system, and finally merging with other life forms in the universe. The endgame is to avoid the heat death of the universe as one or more super-intelligences trapped within a dying world.

The songs in the album correspond to the phases in this journey, and convey the emotions thereof. So the song titles should tell you where you are in the arc, and each song should have the feel of that phase.


The songs in the album will correspond to phases in life evolution and/or the struggles that are faced in that phase. Current song names are listed below, along with the music type and possible lyrical content or themes.

  • Primordial

    • Style: Ambient

    • Musical and Lyrical Themes: organization, gurgling, chaos, disorder, time, eons, millions of years, birth, build-up, growing, potential, slow rhythm, from disjointed to more organized, definitely a pattern by the end leading into animal, building energy, starts to have animal feelings towards the end, possibly breathing?

  • Animal

    • Style: Drum and Bass

    • Musical and Lyrical Themes: animal, tribal, energy, fighting, raw, savage, killing, sex, competition, spears, fighting with other groups, fighting with animals.

    • Order: Starts with plains, roaming, fighting animals, moves into meeting other humans, sex/competition, fights with other humans, end of this starts to sound smart, intellectual, etc.

  • Dawn of the Intellect

    • Style: Ambient, Minimal, House

    • Musical and Lyrical Themes: positivity, rebirth, intellect, intelligence, formulas, science, logic, death of religion

  • Self-destruction

    • Style: Hardcore, Hardstyle

    • Musical and Lyrical Themes: death, biological warfare, meteor strikes, global warming, nuclear holocaust

  • Post-human

    • Style: Deep House, Minimal, Trance

    • Musical and Lyrical Themes: super-intelligence, experience is everything, virtual fantasy worlds, vr is reality, arbitrary distinctions between fantasy and reality, hedonism, identity, merging with the collective

  • New Home

    • Style: Minimal, Ambient

    • Musical and Lyrical Themes: search, loneliness, fear, hope, desperation, silence, deep space, missing home

  • Others

    • Style: Drum and Bass, House, Deep House

    • Musical and Lyrical Themes: avoiding conflict with others, finding friends, battles, merging with other super-intelligences, surviving as a collective

  • Entropy / Escape

    • Style: Ambient, Minimal, House

    • Musical and Lyrical Themes: sadness, slow death, eternal sleep, fade to blackness, death of the universe, silence, silence, a tiny hope, an opening, ESCAPE, a path to another universe, a new beginning

    • Notes: This song is in two parts. It starts off about the death of the universe, and as the song runs and fades out at around 8-10 minutes, it just stays super minimal for minutes. Then, after some time, Escape starts, and it becomes about leaving this universe through a wormhole or whatever method to find another universe to start anew.


  1. I will have someone actually create art for this, so the image above isn’t permanent.

  2. I appear to have already found a friend to work with on this, so I’m extremely excited. I’ll keep updating the song names and concepts as time goes on.

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