The Trust-Reward Game


I enjoy doing a little trick whenever I can with strangers. Whenever the opportunity arises, I like to ask complete strangers to put their faith in me when there is something at risk for them.

Example. The last time I got a haircut I realized at the end that I had no cash, and the place didn’t take cards. I was able to convince the lady in a couple of seconds, while she was cutting someone else’s hair, that I’d be right back. From the time I told her I didn’t have any money to the time I convinced her I’d be right back was roughly 2 seconds. She was very uncomfortable as I quickly left.

I loved it. It was a perfect set up. The game is to get people to feel as if their trust in humanity just caused them harm, and then turn around and come through for them.

The look on her face when I returned, and on the faces of the other people in the shop, were very pleasing to me. It was obvious that that they were stressing and probably discussing the fact that I was never coming back. And when they saw me return roughly 10 minutes later their smiles said something very clearly:

Try it. It feels good to raise others’ faith in humanity.

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