The Simple Economic Reason I Prefer Apple to Google


The iOS/Apple vs. Android/Google debate has been explored for years by thousands of people. We know the arguments and they’re rather boring at this point. Preference is preference, and if you like something and it works for you, that’s pretty much all that matters.

But there’s one point in the conversation that seems obvious once you hear it that most people don’t talk about: the point of primary economic purpose. Basically, there’s a fundamental difference between Apple and Google when it comes to incentives to produce a quality experience:

Apple’s main purpose is to provide the best possible user experience, while Google’s main purpose is to sell advertisements.

Now, to be clear, these are actually the companies’ second most important priority–the first for any company is always to make money.

But if your business model is to sell ads using any method possible–one of which being making a mobile platform–then I simply can’t embrace that philosophy to the same extent that I can a company who takes it as their mission in life to impress me with design and quality.

This is not a minor difference to me: it’s a crucial one. And because of that difference I choose to stick with Apple for now.

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