The Rich and Selfish Have Enlisted the Poor to Fight For Them


It seems the poor and uniformed are partial to the rhetoric of the rich and selfish. This is a most unfortunate fact, as it means that the slaves are demanding the right to be beaten, and they have named the abolitionists as the enemy.

As sad as this is, I can’t help but laugh at it. But my laughter is violent — of the sort that inspires me to shake people until they see reason. I feel helpless against this category of stupid.

Let’s review:

  1. Obama is trying to raise taxes (by eliminating loopholes) on billionaire corporations that move jobs overseas so that their executives can have more boats and summer homes. The Republicans stop him at every turn.

  2. Obama is trying to raise taxes on millionaires who make more in a month than most make in a year. He is stopped at ever turn by Republicans.

  3. Obama is trying to give poor people a fair chance against the insurance companies when it comes to getting healthcare. He wants pre-existing conditions covered, and less right of companies to reject claims. This is for the poor and middle classes — not the rich. Yet who opposes this? The Republicans.

  4. The gap between the rich and the poor has widened for decades, and it’s now as large as it’s ever been. The rich have more and more of the money, yet the narrative from the right is still that the rich need to keep their money to create jobs. The poor and uneducated eat this up, despite the fact that if it were true they would have jobs already because the rich already have much more of the money than when jobs were plentiful.

Basically, the poor and ignorant are masses of mindless zombies being wielded against those who would free them. The tea party narrative has made Obama the bad guy and the rich the good guys. Obama wants jobs here — they want to support corporate outsourcing. Obama wants a more progressive tax rate — they want the rich to have more money. Obama wants the poor to have healthcare — they want the insurance companies to have higher profits.

And the whole time the right is making these idiotic arguments, they’re being cheered on by those without jobs and insurance. It’s unbelievable.

Try it yourself. Go find a poorly educated person who makes very little money and ask him who he supports politically. It will amaze you. ::

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