The New Tool CD


Yeah, I was playing mine in my car at 10:03a.m. I was the first guy into Best Buy at exactly 10. Everyone there waiting at the door was in line behind me 20 seconds later; evidently they came that early for the same reason I did.

So I got to work and ripped it into iTunes at 256bit AAC. That’s almost definitely unecessary, but I care not — it’s the new Tool CD for God’s sake.

Anyway, so far it’s an absolutely amazing album (I’m only like halfway through). I am the type who tends to change what songs I like most over time — especially after hearing more than 5 times or so in a variety of conditions (in car, at work, at home, etc.).

I think the best music is the kind that first strikes you with a major impact due to certain characteristics, but then over time starts to reveal layers and layers of additional reasons to love it. So like, songs that you didn’t like before suddenly become your favorite like 2 years later. Tool has always been like this for me, and I don’t think this record is going to be any different.

If there are any Tool fans out there, chime in with your thoughts on the new release. And if you haven’t got your copy yet, find a sword and fall on it.

Edit: Oh, here are the lyrics for the new release:

[ May 2, 2006 ]

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