The Left Can Lose This Election by Becoming as Unlikeable as Clinton

clinton hubris

It takes a lot of revulsion to overcome one’s distaste for Donald Trump, but Hillary Clinton was up to the task and she lost it for everyone.

Unfortunately, the entire left-wing of American politics is currently at risk of a repeat.

The left’s candidates, the narratives being put forth in the media, and the hyper-leftist army on social media are all combining into an idiotic, self-harming Voltron of Hate.

Wrong and right don’t matter anymore. What matters is getting regular people, not making lots of money and not living on the coasts, to see and acknowledge the abomination that is our president.

That’s all that matters.

So while someone is making that point, don’t interrupt. Don’t call attention to yourself. Or criticize the speaker. Or complain about the acoustics in the room.

Let them speak. Let them explain how Trump is the primary problem right now. Not anything else. Just him.

Our country has problems. Serious troubles. But they are problems that we can address when we have sane people in charge. Not before. None of this left-generated heat matters if we can’t generate the light of regime change.

As it turns out, there’s one thing regular folk hate more than an asshole, and that’s an asshole who’s claiming to be better than them.

This whole anger at the “elites” is no joke. It’s real. It’s a powerful sentiment that we on the left ignored in 2016, and we seem to be ignoring it again.

We are vastly underestimating how much people are being turned off by the extreme left. In the media. On Twitter. On Facebook.

And they’re starting to think that the extreme left includes all of the left, and Democrats in general, and yeah—Biden’s campaign. So they’re being offered a simple choice, which do you hate the most? Or which do you hate the least?

I’m telling you right now, millions of people are going to say they hate Trump less. Despite the fact that he’ll have lead to the deaths of nearly 200,000 Americans by November.

It won’t matter.

They would hate him if they had better alternatives. If he were running against Romney, or Yang, or one of the Bush family. Then they would hate Trump.

But with Biden and the extreme left as their alternative, they get trauma-induced amnesia regarding their actual feelings on Trump.

They’ll vote him in again. In mass numbers. It may not be enough to win the popular vote, but it could absolutely be enough to win the electoral college again.

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I could absolutely be wrong about this, and I hope I am. It could be that the popular vote will just be so overwhelming, and Trump will be so reviled by then that it’ll all be ok.

But there’s a very real chance that he succeeds in redirecting the blame for COVID in the minds of millions, and or he just takes the eye off that ball and points it at what the left is saying, and trying to implement.

He’s really good at that.

We cannot be complacent. We cannot do what Clinton did and relax. We cannot spend millions on the celebration stage and then lose the election.

The left must focus on being more likable. More focused on the problems of regular folks. Or at least less abrasive against that demographic.

Make no mistake: If Clinton were running, Trump would win again. Read that one more time.

If Clinton were running, Trump would win again. All because she is that hated by that many people.

We’re in a situation where the left is taking on that same curse. And Trump’s campaign and the Russian propaganda engine will do everything they can to make that happen.

I feel like I’m in one of those superpower movies where I can see plane crashes in the future but nobody will listen when I warn them to not get on the flight.

This country might not be able to survive another four years of Trump. We cannot let the left become as hated as Clinton, because in that environment anyone could be elected instead of them.

Including someone whose incompetence just lead to the deaths of 200,000 Americans.

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