The Few Are Winning, The Many Are Losing

I was just watching the mid-term results come in this evening and was struck with an idea: even in our democratic republic, it’s the few elites that seem to be winning.

  • Trump won by electoral college, and he lost the popular vote. The electoral college is a collection of a few super influential people. The people are—well—the people.

  • In this year’s mid-terms, the House of Representatives went Democratic, but the Senate went Republican. The House has many many people in it, and the Senate only has two per state.

In both cases you have the more selective group going right, and the larger and more inclusive group going left.

This also reminds me of income inequality, but I think I’m crossing the streams on that one.

It just seems like the system is rigged to fail in certain ways. One of the founders in the Federal papers was worried about powerful special interests taking over, and I think that’s what we have here.

We have a small number of elites who have a disproportionate amount of power, and they keep getting more and more of the pie, and more and more influence. I think it can only go on for so long, though. Before there’s a correction.

Perhaps that’ll be 2020, but I worry even more about the correction to that correction in 2024. I can only assume that the Democrats will mess things up bad enough to make that happen.

Seems like the cycle we can expect for the perceivable future.

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