The Connection Between Superman, The Matrix, and Jesus

Img 3_Superman

I’m fairly stupid for Superman. Always have been. And when Matrix came out I was absolutely enthralled.

One thing that’s fascinated me since The Matrix was how many ways it ties in with Superman, and, oddly, how much they both tie in with Jesus. Here are a few connections that I know of, and hopefully readers will have more to add:

  • George Reeves was the name of the actor that played Superman originally, back in the 1940’s

  • The most popular Superman of the 80’s, was Christopher Reeve

  • In the Matrix, Neo regularly took the flying positions of Superman, including one arm out and one arm tucked underneath in a fist

  • At one point in the Matrix, Morpheus asks where Neo is, and the response is, “He’s doing his Superman thing

  • The actor who played Neo was Keanu Reeves

  • Neo means “new”, as in New Testament, and Neo is sent to literally sacrifice himself for humanity. He was also shown in the form of a cross a number of times–most specifically at the very end

  • The latest Superman has tons of Christ imagery, including him in front of the stained glass window and him in the form of a cross descending towards Earth

  • Both Superman and the Matrix were created by two Jewish guys–Superman by the sons of Jewish immigrants, and The Matrix by the Wachowski brothers

  • Jesus was a Jew

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