Take 1 Security Podcast: Episode 7

  • New stuxnet like piece of malware was discovered

    • Was found by Kaspersky

    • Has infected thousands of computers, mostly in Iran

    • The malware is the most advanced ever found

    • Can hide on the computer even after reinstall

    • Many of the names used in the application are known NSA codenames, such as GROK

    • Wired said those targeted groups were Islamic scholars

    • The group is called equation group due to the encryption used to hide itself

  • Car washes hacked by Billie Rios

    • Bad web software

    • Default passwords

    • Submit POST requests

  • Battery power can be used to track Android phones

    • Based on the power you use from cell phone tower usage

  • Obama sides with encryption against government groups

  • Lenovo laptops spying on youEND CONTENT

    • Can we just say it’s dumb to use things produced in China?

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### Notes

  1. Sorry about the pops in the audio. My desk randomly makes loud noises. I’m working on it.

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