Take 1 Security Podcast: Episode 5

  • Anthem, the second largest healthcare company, had a major breach

    • They lost around 80 million socials, addresses, emails, etc., which is roughly double the Target breach

    • There’s speculation that it was China, trying to penetrate government, but it’s early

    • Watch for phishing scams related to it

    • The megabreaches continue…weee!

  • A WordPress plugin called FancyBox had a serious compromise in it last week, which affected thousands of websites

    • If you’re going to run WordPress, understand that Plugins are the best way to get yourself hacked

    • Specifically, the type of plugins that handle user input and do something with it that affects the site’s output

    • Image manipulation plugins have been particularly vulnerable, usually to XSS

  • There was another critical Flash vulnerability this week

    • Like I said last week, and the week before, there’s a first time for everything

  • Three bug hunters at HP received the 125,000 prize for finding a major vulnerability in Internet Explorer

    • Because they work for HP they couldn’t take the cash, and instead donated it to charity

  • Microsoft released Outlook for iOS last week, which looks pretty slickEND CONTENT

    • Unfortunately it is riddled with security flaws

    • Recommendation: wait for a few updates, and for them to get a security assessment

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