Take 1 Security Podcast: Episode 19

Topics for this episode:

News and analysis

  • [ ] A couple of months into my job with IOActive

  • [ ] Paris Attacks: resilience vs. prevention

  • [ ] Updating the OWASP IoT Project (no longer the Top 10) It’s an umbrella project.

  • [ ] Adding to the IoT project the SCADA Top 10 List (read the list), and Nabil Ouchn is going to be project leader on that project

  • [ ] Pentagon farms coding to Russia

  • [ ] Crypto email service pays ransom, gets taken out anyway

  • [ ] Blackout Europe shows vulnerabilities in LTE. Forced leak of location within 2-KM radius. Were also able to block LTE and force 3G or 2G.

  • [ ] Onapsis talks SAP HANA vulnerabilities. They’re config issues, and aren’t patchable, and include: remote file writes, remote directory deletions, moving files to where they can be access remotely, remote command execution, and remote python execution. To fix, you have to upgrade to the latest version and reconfigure your system. Also two issues with the database that allow HTTP RCE and SQL RCE.

  • [ ] TPP : how did we even get an agreement that was secret in the first place. Forget the details. This should never be allowed to happen again

  • [ ] Linux ransomware now hitting websites (broken by Brian Krebs)

  • [ ] Linux.Encoder.1 has a predictable key for its ransomware, and a tool was released to decrypt victims’ systems. Good to know that even attackers make dumb encryption implementation mistakes.

  • [ ] Visio smart tracking turned on for 10 million users. Here was the pitch “revolutionary shift across all screens that brings measurability, relevancy and personalization to the consumer like never before!”

  • [ ] Ring-0 theory of devops: history of the o-ring. Small thing that everything else depends on. for serial tasks you need A players to have an A process. As you lower the whole thing tumbles down

  • [ ] The Chinese Great Cannon: so we know about the Great Firewall, now learn about the Great Cannon

  • [ ] Must read article: What ISIS Really Wants, by the Atlantic

  • [ ] Two must follows: Gunnar Peterson, and Benedict Evans. Gunnar is brilliant in security, and Benedict works for Adresesen Horowitz

Updates and announcements

  • Hit me up at IOActive if you have any security consulting needs.


  1. The intro track is from one of my favorite EDM artists: Zomby. The song is ‘Orion’, and it’s from the ‘With Love’ album. Highly recommended if you like chill EDM.

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