Take 1 Security Podcast: Episode 12


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  • Singtel buys Trustwave

  • Snowden does interview with John Oliver

  • CheckPoint buys Lacoon

    • Everyone’s trying to do everything, which gives the big people a major advantage

  • China melted GitHub

    • MiTM’d Baidu traffic and modified its analytics JavaScript to make constant requests to GitHub

    • They did it because GitHub was hosting two mirror repos for content that is banned in China

    • Also highlights the need for encryption, so that the JS couldn’t have been injected

  • Obama just came out and said that if you attack us, we’ll sanction you

    • How does that work exactly, when China makes everything we use?

  • Then we just found out Russia hacked us through the State Department issue

  • A major vulnerability was revealed in Inngate routers used in the US and Europe.

    • It allows attackers to browse and write to the root file system of the devices, changing configuration, distributing malware, etc.

    • Mostly used in US and European hotels

  • Attackers are compromising IRS accounts in large numbers. Claim yours to avoid it happening to you

  • Featuring Brooks Garrett

    • He’s a friend and co-worker going back 8 years

    • He’s the smartest IT guy I’ve ever known: sick programmer, Linux ninja, database, networking, everything. Full stack, real deal.

    • He’s a volunteer firefighter

    • He blogs at http://brooksgarrett.com: latest posts are Remote Streaming with Pi and MPD, Nagios SMS alerts with Amazon SNS, Cleaning Passwords from Logs, Fixing OhMyZSH prompts in PuTTY

    • His Twitter is @brooksgarrett

    • If you’re not following his stuff, you should be



  1. Intro track is from one of my favorite EDM artists: Zomby. The song is ‘Orion’, and it’s from the ‘With Love’ album. Highly recommended if you like chill EDM.

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