Subway Getting Out-Subway’d

It’s fascinating to see Chipotle, and companies like it, kill Subway using their own technique.

I remember seeing several Subways recently, and just walking by. And reading this article on Subway’s decline made me realize what it was: Subway’s entire concept was ‘fresh with options’, and now they are like the McDonald’s of fresh food compared to their competitors.

Virtually every option out there is more custom, more fresh, and more lively in their presentation and branding.

The Subway marketing is stale and in need of a complete overhaul if they wish to remain a market force.

What fascinates me is how you can blink and have this happen to you, even as a billion dollar player.

I feel like Google could be close to this type of Blackberry Event, where one day you’re looking down your nose at your bank account, and the next day you’re being talked about as an event in the past.

The lesson is that when someone says it can happen to you, you really must listen. No matter how powerful you are at any given moment, it can change.

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