The Reason Many Men Are Attracted to Unintelligent Women


When I see a social force I tend to wonder what the cause is.

One such force is men being attracted to less intelligent women. Behind closed doors it’s quite accepted that many/most men do not like a woman who’s what’s called “too smart”.

There’s plenty of conventional wisdom out there on the matter, much of which is likely correct, but I’m looking for something simpler. How about this?

Men seek to feel all powerful as often as possible. They want to be revered, adored, and worshipped. Trophy-type women perform this role perfectly by elevating his status through beauty while simultaneously playing the role of the loyal subject.

Intelligent women mess this up by seeing through the illusion and breaking the spell. They know his behavior is an act. They know he’s not the smartest, or the strongest, or the sexiest. And he knows she knows, which makes him feel like less of all those things.

This, more than anything, is why there’s been a centuries-long practice of teaching girls to be wide-eyed, bicep-squeezing, giggling fixtures next to a man they’re trying to court. It’s because it makes men feel powerful. It’s because it makes men feel like they wish they felt all the time.

It’s because it works.

So once again we have society, or stupid men, or ditzy women being blamed for a problem ultimately caused by evolution. It programmed into men a deeply held desire to be the hero in a storybook, and women who make them feel like that are the ones they tend to find attractive.

This is yet another hole we need to crawl out of to reach true equality.

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