Reaction Videos Show the Best of Humanity

I honestly think Reaction Videos are one of the most beautifully human things happening on the internet.

If an alien race were to show up and ask me for evidence of the human ability to love and understand one other, I’d show them a few of these.

What’s a reaction video?

Fair question.

A reaction video is where we watch people experience something significant for the first time.

Examples might include watching a die-hard Star Wars fan see a new Star Wars trailer for the first time. Or seeing them learn a major reveal or dramatic scene.

But my favorite kind is where someone is being introduced to a new type of art or culture—that millions of other people already love—for the first time. We get to see them fall in love with something we already cherish, and it’s glorious.

A conversion through music

Music is a perfect example of this, where people might go for decades thinking another type of music is little more than noise. Like people who love metal but hate rap, or love rap but hate metal.

Reaction videos are the bridge across. And when someone truly sees the other art form—for the first time—the “aha” moment is truly magical.

Empathy magnified by nostalgia

The other cool thing that happens with these types of reaction videos is that you are getting to hear and experience the music yourself as well, but in completely different ways.

I’ve always been more of a music person than a lyrics person.

Often times you’ll see lyrics in the video that you might not have known before, or the listener will focus on part of the song that you never appreciated as much.

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So you’re getting re-exposed to the music you love more than anything at the same time that someone else is being introduced.

It’s spectacular.

The perfect medium

Reaction videos are bottled humanity.

They show us that anything that millions of people love can probably be appreciated by everyone if they were properly exposed.

And the internet is the perfect medium because not only are we getting to watch them experience it, but dozens or hundreds or thousands of other people are also commenting at the same time, telling them what they like about it.

It’s the celebration of passion for a given type of art, but turned into a gifting experience.

Often times the listeners fans are the ones who recommend the song or artist for them to listen to, so they’re deeply invested in the conversion process.


  1. Humanity is about enjoyment and appreciation of life.

  2. We all have our individual things we love, and other people have theirs.

  3. Reaction videos are a beautifully meaningful way to transfer that enthusiasm and love from one person or group to another.

Go to YouTube. Type in “Reaction Videos _____”, where ______ is something that you love.

You will not be dissapointed.

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