If Putin Ran Against Obama in Middle America

I think if Putin ran for President against Obama, and the only electorate was white, christian, middle America, Putin would win easily.

Here are some reasons.

  • At least Putin wouldn’t sell out America

  • At least Putin is a god-fearing Christian

  • We need strength, not weakness

  • We need someone who can make us respected again

  • Putin might be bad, but at least he’s not a communist

  • (or black)

These reasons would get him elected—in 2017—by millions of people in rural America.

Don’t blame candidates like Trump. They’re the symptom, not the disease. The disease is millions of dumb people who vote against their own interests, and the interests of America as a whole, due to ignorance and bigotry.


  1. Yes, I know ignorance and bigotry are not the ONLY reasons people vote for candidates like Trump. But I’m as convinced as ever that they’re the primary reasons.

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