Organizing Feedly by Tags

feedly tags 1

I’m kind of obsessed with organizing my RSS feeds, and I try to do a restructure every two years or so.

This time I’m going hyper-specific with tags.

Tags are basically how Feedly does organization, so it’s a natural fit. But prior to this re-org I was using very large tags like, security, technology, politics.

Those turned out to be too broad.

So what I’m looking to do now is break them out into smaller pieces.

security subcategories 1

The naming mechanism is basically: subject-subtopic-type, or subject-qualifier which gives me tags like:

  • politics-outlets

  • news-high-quality

  • security-vulnerabilities

  • influencers-science

  • politics-news-high-quality

This way I can inforporate the context—and trust level—when I’m reading headlines. And it allows me to use two main techniques to prioritize my reading:

  1. Add the highest quality ones to Favorites

  2. Sort the list from top to bottom by priority

So if I’m in a massive rush I can just check Favorites.

And if I have time I can start from the top and move down.

And if I am only interested in certain topics, or certain sources, I can check just those tags.

Hope this helps give someone ideas on how to organize their stuff.

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