Unsupervised Learning Newsletter NO. 353

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There's a new phishing framework called Caffeine that includes tons of professional features, including a nice UI, enterprise campaigns, self-service for tooling swaps, redirect page management, dynamically generated URLs, and campaign click metrics. MORE

The US is working on a cybersecurity labeling system, similar to what's used for food. Participants are meeting on October 19th to discuss the plans. MORE

Kyiv is being hit by Iranian 'Kamikaze' Drones. They appear to be Shahed-136 attack drones, and are targeting energy infrastructure throughout the city. NYTIMES | MORE | MORE


 🔭 See How Booz Allen Hamilton uses Detection-as-Code to Transform Security in the Federal Government

In Booz Allen Hamilton’s support of the Federal government at the multi-million endpoint scale, they had to rethink the process for delivering detection at scale efficiently and effectively to meet the needs of their teams deployed at dozens of locations. Detection-as-Code enabled them to rapidly build, test, share, and deploy detections across some of the US’ most critical governmental organizations

Zeek (Previously Bro) is now part of Microsoft Windows. MORE

Ukraine is benefitting in the war from a more decentralized command structure, with junior officers empowered to make decisions quickly on the ground. MORE


  • IriusRisk raised $29 million to work on automated threat modeling. MORE


Microsoft is adding DALL-E to its Office suite. MORE

Speaking of Office, Microsoft is dropping that name. It's about to be called "Microsoft 365". MORE

Ukraine has been using Starlink satellites and terminals for internet access for free, and Elon was talking about eventually cutting off their access due to non-payment. He's just said he won't do that, though, and that he's leaving the access enabled. He's crazy for sure (in general), and highly erratic, but I say he's awesome for continuing to spend tens of millions for Ukraine that he'll likely never get back. MORE

Apple is adding a savings account to the Apple Card, making it look even more like a bank. MORE

Intel is laying off 20,000 employees. MORE


Snow crab season has been cancelled for the first time ever in Alaska because billions of them are missing from the Bering Sea. MORE


🔥 ✍️ Auto-generating Blog Art Using GPT-3, DALL-E, and Stable Diffusion
My new article on how to use GPT-3 to automate prompt engineering that matches your writing. READ IT 

The Most Personal is the Most Creative
That's a quote from Scorcese, and I absolutely love it. Once I understood it I started seeing it everywhere. This week's aphorism shows that it works in both the negative and positive forms. If you really love something, create around it. Create about it. And if you really hate something, create around that. The point is to be inspired. Inspiration doesn't come from us, it comes from genius that's beyond us. It's an idea I picked up from Steven Pressfield. It's not technically true, but it functionally is, and that's what matters. The point is, when you're looking to be creative, figure out what you like and don't like. Gravitate towards those for ideas. Ask yourself, "what should have been created instead of what exists?". For me I think of Medical Records and Vendor Security Questionnaires. Damn, I feel creative just thinking about them.


I think I've read like 13 books in the last 2 months. Will share the list soon. I'm recommending two of them for UL book club this month.

I am almost done with one of the most interesting (and scary) books I've read in a long time. It's Principles for Dealing With the Changing World Order, by Ray Dalio. It's like Harari, but more practically focused and backed with data. I'm not saying it's perfect, and Dalio doesn't either, but it's really hard to argue with his overall logic and trends. Also, don't read this book while on vacation in Maui. MORE


🛠️ bocker | UTILITY | (9.9K⭐️)
bocker is Docker implemented in around 100 lines of bash. TOOL | by Peter Wilmott

🛠️ osintui | OSINT | (413⭐️)
osintui is a Open Source Intelligence Terminal User Interface. TOOL | by Will Sheldon | HOW IT LOOKS

🛠️ webcanary | WEBMASTER 
webcanary is a web-based canary for detecting people who clone your website. TOOL

🔭 [Sponsor] Panther: See How Booze Allen Hamilton Uses Detection as Code — How Booz Allen Hamilton uses Detection-as-Code to Transform Security in the Federal Government. READ MORE

Gorilla Terminal: An Affordable Alternative to Bloomberg MORE

Semgrep: Writing Quick Rules to Verify Ideas  MORE | TWEET | by Dominic

The State of AWS Security MORE

Ask HN: What's Wrong With Working Two Remote Jobs if You Can Perform? MORE

A Comparison of Subdomain Enumeration Tools MORE

Circumflex — Browse Hacker News via CLI. MORE

Slack's CEO says if you come into the office you shouldn't do video meetings. Love it. Office days should be social days. MORE

A Climate Change Silver Bullet, by Xavier Helgesen MORE

ArtHub.ai — See amazing AI-generated images, and the prompts that created them. MORE

Joe Rogan Interviews Steve Jobs MORE

LoseTheVery — A visual tool for replacing "very" in your writing with a better word. MORE

OSCP Pre-Preparation Plan and Notes MORE

Ask HN: Are We All Burned Out? MORE

The Shure MV7 is a Nearly Perfect USB Microphone MORE


Learn the names of the owners and servers at the restaurants you frequent. Especially if, like me, you frequent frequently. :fatemoji: If you've been more than a few times they probably know your face. So break the wall and try to get to the next level with them. Let them know you appreciate what they create, and eventually, them as humans as well.


"'What am I really sick of?' is where innovation begins."

Jerry Seinfeld