Unsupervised Learning Newsletter No. 294

News & Analysis

MEMBER EDITION  | Episode 294 | Monday: August 16, 2021


The NSA has signed a little-known $10 billion contract with Amazon to put their data in the cloud. More

Researchers at DEFCON talked about they used an AI service to write customized phishing emails for attacking a target. More 

Microsoft released 44 security updates, and one was for a zero-day in the Update Medic service. More

There's a random number generator flaw in billions of IoT devices, and most will never be patched. More

Chinese hackers went after Israel while dropping false flags to appear as Iranians. More

Synology is now following QNAP in having ransomware affect their internet-facing NAS devices. More


  • SAP has patched 9 Critical and High bugs. More

  • Drupal has released security updates. More

  • Mozilla has released updates for Thunderbird. Is that still a thing? More

  • Multiple vulns in CPanel. More

  • Adobe released security updates. More

  • There are multiple STARTTLS flaws in email clients. More


  • St. Joseph's Candler health system in Georgia has had a data breach. More


TikTok has passed Facebook as the most downloaded app of 2020. More

OpenAI has improved its engine that translates natural language to code. More Demo

Netflix is facing headwinds on user growth, so they're cracking down on account sharing. They're doing VPN bans now. More

Deepfakes are now being used to make business pitches. More

Some people in tech are working multiple remote jobs at the same time. I think this is what keeps some managers up at night, and makes them want to force normal office commutes. More

Reddit is now worth more than $10 billion. More


  • Disney+ has hit 116 million subscribers already. More


"There was no "Afghan Government." It was a fiction the entire time backed only by US dollars, US blood, and US military might. The lie of building up a credible ally for 20 years falls in just 3 weeks Every General, diplomat, and President who pushed this lie is responsible." More

It appears that Moderna is far more effective than Pfizer against Delta. More

The pediatric medical bed situation in the US seems . More

To address climate change, Methane is more important than CO2 because it's 80x more potent. More

Ariana Grande did a virtual concert in the Fortnite metaverse. More


Machine Learning is Pattern Matching For Things That Matter to Humans — My latest attempt to explain AI/ML in a way that resonates with both engineers and regular people. More

What Happened to the Intellectual Dark Web? — How is Sam Harris one of the few sane members left in the IDW? More

The EM Wave of Crisis and Appreciation — Humanity's oscillation between thriving and suffering. More

I'm So Very Sad About Afghanistan — Such an overwhelming human failure. What's the plan now? More

Apple's Privacy MIsstep — Apple's CSAM debacle has disappointed me. More

Why is the NYTimes So Down on the US and The West? — My new essay on how the NYTimes is constantly bashing the West, and what we can do about it. More


As you just saw above, I wrote six short essays this week. That's the most writing I've done in years. The new routines coming from the move are starting to pay their dividends.

I got my Reverse Osmosis water filter installed for the house. I ended up getting the iSpring RCC7AK 6-Stage model, after many recommendations from the UL community. Thank you so much for all that great feedback! The water tastes spectacular. I do have a very slow leak coming from one of the three filter housings however, right at the top where it screws in. I'm going to call iSpring and see if they can help me out, but I think it could be that it's too tight and is smashing the o-ring too much? So I'll be really happy with it once I get that taken care of.

I had another run-in with plagiarism while perusing r/netsec. Someone lifted my entire talk on Security by Obscurity, and then had the gumption to ask his Patreon supporters for money based on the content he's producing. Super annoying. But I always come into these thinking the person is young, and could be open to change. More


Portswigger's Top Attacks from DEFCON and Blackhat More

An interview with the security community's d0nut, who is awesome. More

Red Teaming Notes — A collection of notes on Red Teaming. I wish more people did this kind of thing. More

Threat hunting with Kubernetes audit logs. More

Someone likes Nano's modeless vibe, but wanted to make it work more like Vim. More

Falsehoods that programmers believe about phone numbers. More

Malware Unicorn's reverse engineering classes. More

Diablo II Resurrection goes into open beta on August 20th. More

DirtyWords — A targeted wordlist generator. More

This movie CODA has great reviews from Sundance, and I'll be watching it soon. More

Programming Idioms — A list of programming idioms. More

A visual OSINT breakdown of location tracking. More


If you know someone with family in Afghanistan, reach out to them.


“No man is free who is not a master of himself.”

~ Epictetus