My Friend Tim Tyler


I have a friend named Tim Tyler, and he’s one of the smartest and nicest guys I know.

I met Tim when I was working in my first corporate job in Columbus, Georgia. He was part of a vendor team, but he sold by providing value rather than shooting air pistols. He remains the model I have in my head for the flawless sales person.

Anyway, when we met was always bringing ideas and books.

I ate it up. We’d talk through concepts, explore new ideas, and of course…eat. It was always spectacularly enlightening and entertaining.

Many years later, while I was at a job I wasn’t happy with, I got an unexpected call from him. He asked what I was currently working on and whether I wanted to chat with a friend of his who was starting up a new group.

It was his long-time friend Ryan English, and I did in fact have that call and take the position. I became the second employee (behind Ryan himself) in a group that we then grew (with lots of help along the way) to over 300 people.

All because of a call from Tim Tyler.

These days Tim continues to kick butt at work, and he also still reads voraciously and constantly shares what he’s learning with others.

I don’t know how much my last decade and a half of passion for reading and expressing ideas came from Tim, but I’m willing to bet it was a lot.

I’m thankful to him for the opportunity he gave me, for the enthusiasm for concepts he infected me with, for the boost he no-doubt gave my career and life, and for the passion he brings to everything around him.

You’re the best, Tim.


  1. You too can benefit from some of this by following him on Twitter.

  2. Whenever I do these people always ask if the guy is dead, or not doing well. No, they’re fine. I’m trying to appreciate amazing people while I still have them!

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