My Favorite Superhuman Shortcuts

As I talked about in an earlier post, I just started checking out Superhuman. And the first thing I like to do with a new tool is learn its shortcuts.

Here are my core ones so far:

Basics & nav

This is how you search in Vim!

/ — searchshift-u — show unreadshift-s — show starredc — composef — forwardenter — reply allr — replyshift-n — show new messagescmd-enter — send


! — mark as spamcmd—u — unsubscribecmd—; — use snippet: — insert emojicmd-shift-7 — numberscmd-shift-8 — bulletscmd-shift-9 — quotetab — indentcmd-] — increase indentcmd-[ — decrease indent


g—i — go to inboxg—s — go to starredg—d — go to draftsg—t — go to sent

My favorites so far

My favorites out of all of these are:

  1. / to search

  2. cmd—u — use snippet

  3. g-i and g-s for nav

  4. cmd-shift-i intro (move sender to BCC)

Overall, I really enjoy the extremely terminal-like feel to the interface.

Now lete’s see how I am getting along after a couple weeks.

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